Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Eleanor's adventure into Youth Parliament

Last week DD16 spent the first week of her school holidays at Youth Parliament here in Victoria and she had a wonderful time. Eleanor had no idea what she was in for or what to expect and then at the last minute found out the she would be representing her team Korin Gamadji Institute on her own. After having a little nervy turn she then settled and thought okay I will give it a go. So she needed to present her Bill and a speech to support it which aims for "increased access to health services for small communities" on her own and then had the great support of fellow chamber members to help her debate it. Guess what, she had her Bill successfully passed. Yahoooo. Eleanor also made an Adjournment speech asking for funding to build a high performance purpose built training and playing facility for Netball Victoria to house our Vixens and Victorian Netball League teams. She could not stop talking about this wonderful experience and the incredible character of the other young adults she met on Youth Parliament. To quote her " there are going to be some seriously good politicians in the near future, passionate and fired up about grassroot issues and more importantly driven to achieve solutions and outcomes"

120 Youth Parliamentarians and YMCA Taskforce

Youth Parliament facebook page article on DD16

That's my girl, Eleanor can not wait to get back to Youth Parliament next year.

Saturday, 4 July 2015


Well here is my Stitch-a-long update, a couple of days late, however given that I changed my colour theme and had to redo blocks I am really happy with my progress.

Part 5 completed.

Part 4 completed

Part 3 - 2 small circles to be completed inside circles not squares, oopps.

Part2- some stitching and more circles needed.

Part1- just some stitching

Hooray I feel as though I am somewhere in the ball park again.
Cheers, Maxine

Weally, Weally Wascally Wuvable Wabbit!

We have a really, rascally rabbit who is most of the time really luvable, but sometimes really naughty. Molly is her name and she was DD24's Christmas present from her Fiance and is beautifully housetrained, I can not believe how easy that was. Molly has a 2 storey condo but roams around with us when we are home. Molly was only weeks old when she came to our little family then about a month later she develoed glaucoma. After numerous visits to our fabulous vet and long term eye drops we have managed to holt it's progress, however Molly has lost probably 70% of her vision. So we were grateful that she had been able to at least make a map in her mind of our home which has really helped her to be the happy affectionate bunny that she is. Initially we had a few issues, nibbled phone chargers, handbags straps and shoes until we learned to properply rabbit proof things, she has trained us well. However Molly has a nose for chocolate we have discovered and an amazing talent for unwrapping it no matter what form it comes in. One day we came in and here was Molly's bottom sticking out of DD24's handbag, on futhur investigation we discovered that she had found an easter egg in the bottom of handbag and had unwrapped it right there in the bag and was now eating it. It appears that chocolate does not effect rabbits like it does dogs.

However the other day DD24 had just finished making 70 medium sized chocolate cupcakes with piped peppermint icing ( will show you photos when DD returns with MY camera from Malaysia). These were all nicely packaged in 5 cupcake boxes 4 boxes in a bag tied up ready to go and the extras in another box on the coffe table. I came in to find, you guessed it with the box on the floor lid open and happily eating a cupcake, what can I say, damn good cupcakes. Needless to say Molly was sent to the naughty corner for some time out. Just as well these were extra or I am sure it would have been the stewing pot.

Yes, we have a strange home, it is not unusual of a night to find Mimi ( the dog), Tuppy (the cat) and Molly (the Rabbit) all asleep in front of the heater. 

To finish off, one of my favourite trees in my garden.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Here's the Rub: Mohjo missing in action but now is found. Yeah!!!

Well I had been working along on Stitch Along but just found that I was going through the motions and not really enjoying it, I had no idea why as hand stitching is one of my favourite things. I persevered for another month, but just the same thing, then I started looking longingly at another project, you know the one that calls out to you until you cave in and start it. I kept trying to ignore it "no stay with the stitch along you have always wanted to do one, don't drop out". But alas the call was too strong and I ventured over to the other side and began this other project and the joy returned with each stitch. Then the light switch moment, I was not happy with my background fabrics on other project and the needle turn  and the reverse buttonhole stitch circle just did not sit right with me. So lesson learned, if your fabric, stitches or heart is trying to tell you something, listen you idiot.
Hence new background fabrics, stem stitch around circle and buttonhole applique and the world is a happier place now, even though I am starting all over again it will be worth it. So here is a picture of some catch up I have done so far.
Sorry Chooky hope this is okay, hopefully the blogging will also return.

Back in the Stitch again,


Monday, 6 April 2015

Excitement at the beginning and excitement at the end, that's enough for one day!

Well the day begun with a jolt, whilst we were all having a sleep in, too many Easter eggs. The phone rings and for once I can actually find it and it is the Personal Alarm Company, letting me know that Nan has pushed her button three times and they can not get any response. So I call to girls and in record time everyone is dressed and in the car heading to Nan's, we only live one block away. We race in through back door expecting to find her on the floor, but oh no she is watching her toaster waiting for the toast to pop up. She looks casually at us and asks "where are you off to this early". Once we had turned off the radio so we could hear ourselves think and got the hearing aides in we told her that the alarm company were worried because you pushed your alarm three times and then they could not hear any response over the radio, " oh is that all ". Well all was well, and seen everybody was up early off to Bunnings we went and we took Nan with us just to be sure.

The rest of the day cruised along, a ripple here and a ripple there as we have an Engagement party in the near future. So there is always bound to be some excitement there.

Then DD16 and I were sitting watching the netball, Vixens VS Fever, ( don't ask final score ) we are avid Vixens members. We had our gas heater on and were nice and toasty, ( toast seems to be flavour of the day ). When I heard that the electric fan on it had stopped and I had just finished thinking that's odd, power to everything else is still going, then the flames started to come out of the bottom of the heater. YIKES, I jumped up hit all the switches to turn it off and disconnect from wall socket. DD16 was gone and like a flash returned in seconds with the fire Extinguisher. We stood watching as flames seem to stop but the smoke and smell was awful. 000 called, lovely fellows came to assess and ensure everything was out and safe. They were impressed that we had a fire extinguisher ( a good one ) and knew how to use it, I am more convinced than ever that every house should have one and a fire blanket, and even more impressed that DD16 was on the ball. DD24 came running with all the commotion and had no idea that we had an extinguisher, well she does now.

Oh well, just need to get someone out to sort the heater, that's the least of what could have been.

Cheers for now,


Monday, 30 March 2015

March Stitch Along Blocks Complete

Yeah. March blocks completed, have been for past week but I just kept forgetting to post, so here we are at last.

Yours in Stitches 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Just maybe the apple does not fall far from the tree, hopefully.

Well it has been a few weeks since last post and I was going to tell you all about them but something better happened over last couple of days that I thought I would start with. ( Me being unwell, the pending engagement party and its preparations and the GOAT incident will just have to wait.)

Both of my girls are creative and have artistic abilities but they fight that urge like the plague, "one craftaholic is enough for one house" they will say, but they dabble and interfere ( sorry they give advice freely"). Last year I got very excited when DD23 decided she wanted to make a baby quilt for her friend at work and she did a great job and the friend loved it.

But this was it, nothing more, so I slumped back into my shell and got on with my creating occasionally hearing orders being placed and whose turn is it for the next quilt. Anyway DD24 now, is a Nursing and Midwifery student and as part of their course they have to recruit and follow women through their pregnancies, going to appointments and classes etc and hopefully the birth. DD always like to give a gift of thanks to Mum and Bubs who allow her to share this special event in their lives. Gifts are purchased and now being made to have a collection to choose from. So when I said I would like to drop into Spotlight before I pick up DD16 from school DD24 said" I want to come to". On arrival at Spotlight I was informed I had forty- five minutes, plenty of time for me I thought., so off I went on my mission. After about 25 minutes I heard a familiar voice "Mum, Mum where are you? I need some help". I found her standing at the half price flannelette, leaning on her selected pile that looked ready to topple any minute. Help me work out what I need to make double sided wraps and those quilts you made for Eleanor and I but without the raggedy edges. Right, so after she told me what size she wanted them I gave her a calculation. She continued adding and subtracting from her pile mixing and matching then it took four trips to the counter. As I only had a chance to get a few things I got served separately, then I heard her telling the lady how much of each she wanted. I leaned across and said " you don't need that amount of each just what I had worked out before". The response made my heart sing and every quilter would be proud, "but you can never have too much Mum."  (MMMmmmmm wonder where she has heard that before?) I shrieked when I answered my phone with DD16 asking where I was, school was out and she was waiting.When I said I was at Spotlight the berating commenced which just went straight through to the keeper as usual. I sat quietly smug when eventually we picked her up from school and she had to push and shove her way into the back seat of her sisters small car due to the bags of fabric. Then came the expected " what are you planning on doing with all of this and where are you going to put it?" I said very nonchalantly that "you have to ask your sister, that's not my doing" The silence was wonderful, I savoured every moment of it and only wished I could have seen her face. When her sister announced that we needed to go to another store because she did not get all of the colours she wanted even I nearly fell out the car.

Here is a photo of the first bag, second bag is still in her car.When we got to the next shop there was some fabric hiding at the back on the bottom shelf and DD16 offered to get it out for her or as she said " I'll take one for the team just so we can go home", perhaps not her best angle, but it made us laugh to watch her helping the offending crafter.

As we were driving home, DD24 said "now I think I need a machine in my room to". A loud cry came from the back seat " OMG you have gone over to the dark side, you can't leave me, what hope is there for me"

Needless to say I have just the right little machine waiting to be loved.

Joy of Joy, just had to share,